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About Us

When you truly love your possessions whether Family or Assets, you try to protect them to the best of your ability. Considering the zillion choices available in the market today, from cryptic government policies, agencies, and communities it can be a daunting task to get the best pick.

As the needs of customers are different, the products and services also vary. At WaWyA, we look at the bigger picture to help our customers understand and protect themselves from potential risks and iron out the bumps to offer practical solutions. We offer all the variety, flexibility and choice you’d expect from a leading insurance company. If there’s a way we can make things easy, we will.

Life expectancy is higher today than ever before. From the more aggressive in your younger years, to lower-risk products once you are further along, we’ll help you convert savings into retirement income in a way that’s stress-free. With our help you can take it easy long before you retire. It’s about protecting you, and the future financial security of those closest to you. With the right protection in place, your loved ones won’t have to worry about money when money is the last thing they want to worry about.

In today’s world, risks are closely interconnected. They can affect all of us in unpredictable ways. Don’t leave the future of you and your loved ones to chance.